Calculators of Cyber Attack costs

Read the Warning at the bottom of this page, then click each image to use different tools to estimate how much a cyber attack might cost your organisation.

All cyber attack cost calculators ask about the volume and categories of information your organisation holds.  The best calculators also ask about the plans you already have in place to mitigate costs.  That's because several actions have been shown to reduce harm, such as having:

  • a well-rehearsed cyber response plan
  • certifications that demonstrate compliance with security standards
  • existing relationships with experts who will support you, for example through the Legal, PR, HR, Operational and other challenges. 

Members benefit from all the above and more.  

Booz Allen Hamilton
Edelman Note that this calculator appears to have been removed in 2016, by Edelman from their own web site
Privacy Risk Advisors
How to calculate cost of data breach Sprinklr - 7 pgs - March 2016
TechTarget - Rebecca Herold, CISSP, CISM

Warning - ENISA, the European Union Agency For Network And Information Security, issued a report in August 2015 that analysed “seventeen cost of cyber attack” studies. In a summary of that work, The Register goes as far as to say "Cyber-crime cost calculations are rubbish."  

The impact on your company valuation is also worth considering - and experience of other companies shows your share price might be resilient after a major cyber breach.

As context, you may like to see market analysis of spend on cyber security (typically 5% of IT spend by company, with wide variation between organisations, and growing globally between 8% and 15% per year according to difference analysts). You may also like to consider spend on cyber insurance, which is said to be growing about 30% each year.

If you'd like help calculating potential costs of a cyber attack on your organisation, we can guide you through our curated library of expert reports on Threats, for example including Cost of Cyber Crime on Large Organisations

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