Identify live attacks on your computers (SIEM)

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Contact us for advice on how to spot unauthorised activity on your computer systems. For example, if your computers are sending messages to unusual places or in unusual volumes, then they might have been taken over by a hacker.

A good SIEM system is one way to alert you to such events, without overwhelming your team with irrelevant warnings. SIEM is the IT industry acronym for "Security Information and Event Management." There are over 100 companies offering SIEM products.

SIEM Suppliers (analysing cyber security alerts) - User evaluations summarised by Gartner
SIEM - AlienVault USM (Unified Security Management)
SIEM - LogRhythm Security Intelligence Platform
SIEM - McAfee Enterprise Security Manager from Intel
SIEM - SolarWinds Log and Event Manager
SIEM - Splunk Enterprise Security