Suppliers to reduce harm from cyber attack

Contact us for introductions to experts in the areas that reduce harm caused by cyber attacks:

  1. Protect data before attacks (eg encryption, firewalls)
  2. Test, audit and exercise your security before attacks
  3. Identify live attacks on your computers (eg SIEM)
  4. Analyse live attacks (threat analysis)
  5. Forensics (know what data was breached)
  6. Mitigation (eg DDoS Scrubbing)
  7. Remediation (make the breach safe)
  8. Certification (show that it's safe)
  9. Identity and Credit Protection for breached individuals
  10. Legal Response (eg if the attack came via a supplier)
  11. Public Relations (eg Twitter, press releases, advocates)
  12. Customer Service surge support (eg call centre support)
  13. Insurance (consider all the costs you will face)
  14. Authorities (eg regulators, police, GCHQ)
  15. Headhunters (to find new staff or a new role!)
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