Images to help us think about cyber resilience... .

Implementing cloud storage
Perception vs. Reality
There is no cloud...
A family day out
"The key is under the mat"
How are you sleeping?
Flawed logic
"Hi Dave"
"They do say to change your password regularly..."
What are clouds made of?
"That's not what I meant..."
Security is a personal responsibility
I have sinned...
A firewall for your toaster?
Encrypted Coffee
Grant me the serenity to accept my password will be hacked
You failed our Phishing Test
"That's one thorough biometric system.."
"How are you planning on using my data?"
You are about to have a DDOS
"Mind if I clear my browser history?"
What's our BYOD policy?
Is being a CISO cool?
What a lovely secure morning
I want to talk to you about GDPR
Main security risks: 1. Everyone who works here
2. Everyone who doesn't
How do you manage security alarms?
Building physical walls in the interconnected world is not the way forward
The joy of living in a hi-tech household
With GDPR in place it better not happen again....
Think twice before postponing your updates!
Can you hear thunder?
Data Tracking
Cloud Warfare in action
If anything happens to me...
Even nature is telling us to back up!
Where is my data?
it only takes one click...
It will never happen to us...
Am I the problem?
Employees are often your biggest security threat
Our Incident Response Plan Dilbert
Hacked from a Teenager's bedroom?
Hope is not a tactic Deepwater Horizon - marketing slogan for global movie release on 30th Sept 2016
(Click for procurement lessons on the risk of "breach" through sub contractors & partners)
I'm sure there are better ways to disguise sensitive information
Are you the Key Master... ? Whale Phishing
You don't need to see his identification Social Engineering
And in this corner we have Dave...
There is no patch for stupidity
We've done a lot of stupid things we'd like to keep secret.
I just hope these cyber criminals are not 13 years old
I will not shut down major e-commerce sites... .
Are you too important to be breached by a child?
I hacked into the school computer... .
No Grandma...
My password is not working... .
Dogbert password recovery service... .
I have a new hobby called Phishing... .
I'm one of your Facebook friends...
How small vulnerabilities lead to large breaches
Cutting out my rude remarks
You caught a virus from your computer... I hope you've got a back-up!
Where did I leave our back-up?
The Privacy Train Wreck
But we don't have to Notify customers if we think maybe the hackers didn't actually copy our data
They were way ahead of us in passwords
My biometrics authentication
For a moment I had a feeling of total security
Leave the cell with the door open Social Engineering
Who the young hackers think they are... Script kiddies and hackers
How your defences look to hackers Maturity Levels for Cyber Resilience - KBC - RSA - Jan Nys - March 2016
Information security is a big deal... jerk.
For the sake of information security, everything on my resume is false.
I'm going to auction my identity on eBay!
My emotions are encrypted to protect the security of our marriage.
I'm trying to find a hacker
How hackers behave in your networks Maturity Levels for Cyber Resilience - Optiv - RSA - Jonathan Trull - March 2016
In a perfect world, no one would be able to use anything. As always, Scott Adams got there first... .