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We exist to help Organisations reduce the harm caused by cyber attacks.

Individuals have requested that we also provide this page of links to information that will be helpful to them.  Click each image below to contact the relevant agencies.

If you have been hacked:  Note that the harm caused to individuals by cyber attacks is growing. In October 2014, the UK Government stated that "51% of Britons have experienced an online crime," and provided a detailed infographic. In October 2015 the UK's Office of National Statistics published this estimate of cyber-crime. It implies that 1 in every 25 UK adults have suffered an actual cyber-crime in the last 12 months, due to computer misuse (46 in every 1,000 individuals).

UK: How Consumers should report Cyber Crime
UK: Help Consumers limit identity fraud
US: How to check for identity theft Consumer Affairs – 1pg – 2019
CyberCrime Survival Guide Symantec - 11 pgs - November 2015
UK: Get Safe Online (Private company supported by government)
Internet Watch Foundation - IWF Report criminal content such as images of child sexual abuse
USA: How Consumers should Deal with a Data Breach PRC - 6 pgs - April 2017
USA: National Council for Home Safety and Security May 2017
USA: Government Guidance for 25m breached Federal Employees OPM - September 2015
USA: report crime to FBI IC3 Federal Bureau of Investigation - Internet Crime Complaint Center

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