Our Manifesto

At a time when the number of successful Cyber Attacks grows at over 25% a year, and the number of sensitive files exposed in such attacks grows at over 70%, we exist for the 40% of organisations that are “extremely concerned”.

We are a Membership Assistance Alliance that reduces the harm caused by Cyber Attacks

We design our assistance for the Chief Operating Officers of the 12,000 medium sized organisations in the EU that hold sensitive data on over 5,000 individuals.

We help Members respond to the shock of a successful cyber attack, eg

  • to make decisions that reduces damages, Vs to exacerbate them.
  • to select pre-qualified providers, Vs scramble to find specialist responders.
  • to leverage our buying power, Vs to be distressed buyers of expertise.
  • to continue with core business, Vs to be swamped by attack response.

We help Members reduce the business damage of a cyber attack, such as:

  • to reduce the typical £200k direct spend on external Crisis Services and
  • to reduce the typical £80 indirect cost per data file exposed

We deliver a Comprehensive Business Response solution that includes instant, practical crisis management guidance and tiered response capability from pre-vetted organisations.

Unlike the excellent but specialist services provided by Insurers, IT companies or Lawyers, our solution offers coordinated, tangible and practical business assistance across the full spectrum of challenges that follow a Breach.

Cyber Attacks are a broad and serious challenge to the organisations that suffer them. Organisations need a broad and serious capability to respond. Membership of the Cyber Rescue Alliance provides this capability “in a box”.

We can’t stop all cyber attacks from being successful, nor can we eliminate every damage. But we strive for a future where data breaches don’t have tragic consequences for the organisations that suffer them.

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