Supplier Panel - application

We seek Suppliers to help us lead recovery from Cyber Attacks.  Chosen suppliers are leaders in their speciality, for example those listed here. 

Please send a short message to, including:

  • a hyperlink to the web page that best describes your relevant capabilities
  • a telephone number for us to call you.

We will not reply to all applications.

As per our Manifesto, we strive for a future where data breaches don’t have tragic consequences for the organisations that suffer them. To do that, we transparently list all of the Suppliers that we feel our Members might benefit from during a Cyber Attack.

When called upon to do so, we also highlight to our Members the organisations that we feel best meets their needs. This service includes to highlight those Suppliers that we have pre-negotiated a discount with. To support this service for our Members, Cyber Rescue Ltd typically retains one third of any discount we have negotiated for our Members. Naturally, and to avoid any perception of a conflict of interest, we highlight this financial relationship.