Services and offerings

Specific services available to Members of Cyber Rescue include:

  1. Curated Library, so you can anticipate, budget for and respond to cyber attack
  2. Custom Breach Risk Report, to identify ways your confidential data is at risk
  3. Cyber Crisis Maturity Check, to quickly estimate risk of mistakes during attack
  4. Cyber Crisis Role Play, a live training and evaluation of your development needs
  5. Cyber Crisis Readiness Report, details internal capabilities Vs similar companies
  6. Cyber Crisis Supply Audit, to identify priorities for any external support needed
  7. Cyber Crisis Standard Response Plan, helping you avoid the common mistakes
  8. Cyber Crisis Bespoke Customisation of the Response Plan for your organisation
  9. Cyber Crisis Coach, to provide commercial guidance during a suspected attack
  10. Executive Dashboard, to show your Board during the response to a major attack
  11. Staff Briefings, so colleagues will be less likely to cause or aggravate a breach
  12. Certified Staff Training, to demonstrate which staff passed training to reduce risk
  13. DPO-as-a-service, offering a Data Protection Officers on an as-needed basis
  14. CISO-as-a-service, a Chief Information Security Officer on an as-needed basis

We can’t stop all cyber attacks from being happening. We strive for a future where such attacks don’t have tragic consequences.

Note VAT: All costs exclude Value Added Tax, payable at the rate applicable in your country.

Contractual Terms are available on request. Prices will never be changed retrospectively, but may be varied by Cyber Rescue without notice. 

Cyber Rescue helps you keep your customers, your staff, your Board, your shareholders, your regulators and the media satisfied with your response to the Data Breach you couldn't avoid.

Join the Cyber Rescue Alliance as a Member, to avoid the mistakes that turn cyber attacks into crises.

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Organisations should join Cyber Rescue as Members to reduce the commercial harm they will suffer when a major cyber attack or data breach hits them.

Suppliers of services that align with our Manifesto are welcome to join our Supplier Panel.

Highly experienced business executives may apply to join our International Advisory Board

Cyber and crisis management consultants who have worked in a CIRT, or as either a CISO or a DPO, may apply to work with us as a Cyber Rescue Crisis Coach.  The scenarios in which these individuals typically engage are described here.

Our purpose is described here: