Advisory Board - application

We seek qualified individuals to help fulfill our Manifesto, in the role of "Member of International Advisory Board."

This is a voluntary, unpaid position, described in detail at the bottom of this page.

To apply, please send a short message to

  1. A summary of the contribution you would make.
  2. A hyperlink to your biography or LinkedIn page.
  3. A telephone number.

We will not reply to all applications.

Applicants who appear best qualified will be interviewed, and requested to complete a 1 hour task to evaluate your ability to contribute effectively.

Successful applicants will be invited to serve a 12 month term on a voluntary basis, renewable at the discretion of our Managing Director.

JOB DESCRIPTION: Member of International Advisory Board

Help to reduce the harm caused by cyber attacks, by advising and assisting the Cyber Rescue Alliance to fulfill its manifesto.

Reporting to the Managing Director of Cyber Rescue Ltd, you will agree specific tasks appropriate to your experience and motivation.

Typical contributions of Advisory Board members include:

  • Analysing the threats and the best-practice responses that are emerging in the cyber security, data privacy and related markets.
  • Publishing and perhaps writing or editing material that helps decision makers understand how to reduce harm from cyber attacks. For example, promoting the best Quotes and Blogs as judged by the Alliance.
  • Presenting at webinars and events, to organisations that want to understand and mitigate the risks of cyber attacks.
  • Selecting vendors and suppliers that should be recommended to organisations at risk from cyber attack.
  • Engaging external organisations, for example talking to the media, regulators, law enforcement and business membership bodies, in your country.
  • Identifying specific individuals that should be introduced to Cyber Rescue, for example the CEOs of organisations that are likely to need cyber assistance in the coming years.
  • Meeting with other Board members, for example to attend three meetings a year, that are normally held online or in London, UK. For details of upcoming meetings, please see our Events page.

This is a voluntary, unpaid role. Cyber Rescue will make every effort to support you in fulfilling your personal development ambitions, for example to raise your knowledge and profile if desired. As an Advisory Board member, you will contribute at least 30 hours in each 12 month term of office.

To avoid any possibility of a perceived conflict of interest, we suggest that individuals associated with Supplier organisations do not seek to join our Advisory Board. If your business offers services that can reduce the harm caused cyber attacks, please apply to join our Supplier Panel.