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We work across Europe, to deliver our Manifesto, to reduce the harm caused by cyber attacks.

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Based in Estonia, Joseph is an expert in cyber vulnerability assessments. Joseph is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional, and an adviser to several cyber security conferences.

“Estonia hosts NATO’s cyber defence centre of excellence, because the country has world-leading experience of how to mitigate attacks.  As a Cyber Rescue adviser, I help businesses learn from such experiences.”

Samitha (Sam) DE SILVA

A distinguished lawyer, Sam provides strategic advice to Boards on data protection and cyber security issues.  Sam is the UK representative on the EU Commission's Expert Group on Cloud Computing Contracts.

“The growth of cloud computing creates great opportunities, but also some risks.  As an adviser to Cyber Rescue, I want to ensure businesses understand key issues, such as security compliance and liabilities.”


A renowned analyst, Patrick delivers best-in-class research, analysis and insight in telecom and IT security.  Patrick is the founder and principle analyst at HardenStance, having previously been Chief Analyst at Heavy Reading.

“When I meet telecom Executives, I ask 'What was the outcome of your company’s last cyber attack simulation?' CEOs need to be prepared to make the best – or least bad – decisions when a breach happens.


A world-leading expert in crisis communications, Duncan provides counsel to the C-Suite of numerous organisations.  He has helped several Boards to protect their brand from harm during major data breaches. 

“Cyber attacks a global board issue. Preparedness and a strategic response are the only way for them to protect their reputation. As an adviser to Cyber Rescue I want to ensure Boards are fully prepared.”

Sara Magdalena GOLDBERGER

Based in Zurich, Sara previously worked at the EU Parliament in the areas of homeland security and cyber security.  An expert on Public Affairs, Sarah worked on the new EU Directive on Network & Information Security.

“Successful cyber attacks are growing at 25% each year, so Executives must prepare for hackers breaking through.  At Cyber Rescue, we show organisations the commercial and operational mistakes to avoid.”


A highly skilled expert, Matt has led the development of enterprise security for numerous organisations.  He is a Certified Information Systems Security Professionaland a Certified ISO27001:2013 Lead implementer.

“Cyber attacks are growing to a level that will overwhelm many companies when their turn comes.  As a Cyber Rescue adviser, I help CEOs understand how security and resilience are a value rather than a cost.”


An expert in programme delivery and cyber intelligence, Matt leads change programmes for Government Departments and large companies. He is a Board Member of the Biometrics Institute, and a Fellow of the IoD.

“During a major cyber attack, the CEO needs to know the top ten things that will reduce the harm suffered by their customers, their business and their stakeholders.  I will share that knowledge through Cyber Rescue.”


A programme manager in emergency services, with expertise in digital media, training and organisational modernisation, Julia is passionate about the need to minimise harm from cyber attacks, especially in the healthcare sector.

“Health providers save lives by digitising information, eg by sending emergency medical records.  As an advisor to Cyber Rescue, I help organisations prepare for when such sensitive data is breached.”

Jorgen HJORT

Based in Lund, Sweden, Jorgen is an internationally recognised specialist in mobile and cloud security.  He has led multiple cyber incident responses, threat modelling exercises and privacy impact assessments.

“Companies can increase their reach through smart mobile devices, but this also expands what hackers call the ‘attack surface’.  As an adviser to Cyber Rescue, I help Executives recognise and respond to such risks.”


Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Martin specialises in information security incident response. As a successful CISO, CSIRT Leader and Information Security officer, Martin has worked in Infrastructure, Shipping, Pharmaceutical, Energy, and Financial Industries, and now with A.P.Møller Mærsk Group.

"Cyber attacks are occurring constantly, and the methods used by cyber attackers are ever changing. As an advisor to Cyber Rescue, I want to help leaders learn how to identify and respond effectively to Cyber attacks, prevent reoccurrence and address the risks such attacks underline."

Alexander VAN TOORN

Based in The Netherlands, Alex is a leading proponent of predictive analytics.  An MBA graduate of Madrid’s IE Business school, Alex helps executives navigate the opportunities and risks associated with big data. 

“Modern companies extract powerful insights from their data. They use information as their compass, their fuel and their cargo.  At Cyber Rescue, I help executives minimise the consequences when data is breached.


Based in Geneva, David was the International Standards Organisation’s global IT Director, and previously IT Director at the $1 trillion fund manager Capital Group.  A Fellow of both the Chartered Institute for IT and the BCS.

“Most companies won’t suffer a major cyber attack this year, just as most offices won’t suffer a serious fire.  But it is prudent to run ‘fire drills’ and think about how you’ll reduce harm from any attack that does get through.”


An entrepreneur, David has helped numerous organisations (including Fiat, GE and Volkswagen) to succeed by building a more effective internet presence.  David is a charismatic champion of sustainable growth.

“CEOs can no longer afford the luxury of doing nothing to improve the ability of their company to recover from cyber attack.  As a Cyber Rescue advisor, I help businesses recognise the urgency of this challenge.”


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